Welcome to Macro Minute!

Somehow you have landed on my blog, where I share my thoughts and ideas regarding financial markets and macroeconomics. The aim of the blog is to produce brief, thought-provoking  articles, suitable for your morning coffee, perhaps.  Due to the complexity of the markets I am going to focus on only one aspect each time, assuming a basic understanding of financial matters on behalf of the reader. However, if you have any questions or arguments I am happy to engage in a conversation. Please see ‘Contact‘ page for further information.

A couple of words about myself: my experience with finance dates back to my highschool years when I made my first investments, only on a small scale, naturally. I quicly got a taste of it, those years were just post-financial crisis, and you really had to keep an eye on your portfolio in those turbulent times. Since then I had several positions at various financial institutions (commercial banks, analyst firms, fund managers). During my first year of university studies I started my first financial blog in Hungarian. In the following years the blog had several publishers and got endoresed by different online journals. Right now  I am an Honours stundent at the University of Glasgow. During the last couple of years I studied economics and business on an academic level.